GTX770 4GB only showing 2GB

Hi All, am having some probs seeing my 4GB of vid mem on Gainward GTX 770 Phantom 4GB, installed all the software with the card, and when i run CPU-Z it only shows 2048Mb instead of 4096Mb?? and no software / games seem to utilise or show the 4GB getting used, checked the card it has 4096Mb GDDR5 printed on the card, so im hoping ive not been jibbed....? any help would be apreciated
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  1. What does GPUZ report if the same you got the wrong card!
  2. ok it reports 4096....? so its there, just not being used by anything yet...?
  3. Ok then you have the right card, at 1080P 2GB is still enough and very few games come close to use it it up so yes nothing is using it yet.
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