how to fix HDD problem to install windows 7?

a while ago i ran the 'chkdsk' utility and while it was running i decided it was taking to long & cancelled. after that windows 7 would no longer start. so i decided i would reinstall everything to my now useless HDD but problem is, my CD drive stop working too so i am now being forced to use a usb drive to install windows 7. now, upon the initial steps of installing windows 7, it told me that my partition (the one where the 'now' currupt windows 7 resides) is in read only mode.

but i'm starting to question: is it the disk? or is it windows 7 that is currupt? after cancelling chkdsk while it was running?

also, i guess my TRUE question is: if i format the entire disk, will it solve the problem of not allowing me to write to it? and will i have to create partitions after that?

i'm a newbie. any help would be greatly appreciated ^___^.
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    You can try Windows Startup Repair using your bootable USB drive to repair the corrupt boot partition of your System HDD. If it still does not able to boot after repair then proceed on doing repartition/reformat and have a fresh install of Windows.
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