i5 4440 vs i5 4670k

Hi there,
im struggling between an i5 4440 and an i54670k for my next processor upgrade. I mostly play a lot of games (BF4, AC4 racing games) and also web browsing.
i will be using an r9 270 graphics card and 8 gb of ram together with either of these processors.

my real question is if the overclocking ability of the k model will really give me a difference in performance to make up for its higher price.

im a little worried too since im new to overclocking and i figured the airflow under my desk isn't that great if i would be suddenly damaging components. Will i? What do i need to make this possible overclocking work. Is it necessary at all?

thanks in advance!
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  1. Overclocking is not NECESSARY. However it can be fun, and provide a nice little performance bump in games that are CPU intense, like MMOs. Newer Intel CPUs make it very easy, all you need is a quality Z87 motherboard, a nice CPU cooler and an unlocked K-series CPU.
  2. If you want to overclock you will need an aftermarket cpu cooler. Haswell's run hotter then older other cpu dies. If you don't have good airflow and don't want to bother with it the 4440 is pretty much the same CPU without the overclocking feature.
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    The only games where there will be any difference noticeable difference between the models is on emulators like dolphin when you are running that gpu. That being said, overclocking can prolong the life of your build, especially if you plan to xfire or replace gpus down the road.
  4. As a side note. The K-edition is not the actual extra cost, the Z87 motherboard is what is considerably more expensive than the normal H87 or B85 motherboard that you would pair the I5 4440 with.
  5. If you're looking for an overclocking build I'd wait a little while for the new i5's. With improved TIM they should overclock much further than Haswell.

    (I've posted this on 3 topics today, odd how it keeps coming up).
  6. Thanks alot guys but i think that for all the extra costs that an overclocking kit would bring with it wouldn't make the performance difference worth it plus im not really that patient to save up or wait for new releases of cpus. Thanks a lot to all of you
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