Gtx 780 3gb sli or single titan 6gb for 3x 1920x1080p gaming?

I currently have a 780 sli set up running 3 1080p monitors but i've run into some fps issues while playing some games. not to mention disappointment when games don't even support sli. so i'm thinking about upgrading to the titan simply because i've read that 1 card is usually better than 2 plus the 6gb would help with the fps issues since apparently (according to an EVGA rep) my cards are being bottlenecked because of the 3gb. so what should i do stay with what i have or upgrade?
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    3 GB of RAM is certainly a bottleneck for 5760x1080.
    Titan is not that powerful than the 780, so no point there.
    I heard EVGA has a step-up program. Why don't you upgrade to 6GB versions of the 780(if they have them, I have only heard of the 780Ti having 6GB counterparts)?
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