Can heat cause a drop in performance in processors?

I just finished building my first computer and I tried and tested it out and realized that the performance in games had a large amount of FPS drops. Afterwards I realized I hadn't applied any thermal paste to the processor. So I was wondering whether it was the heat that caused this drop in performance or if it was something else.
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  1. Yes it definitely can throttle performance.

    Apply thermal paste right away or risk killing your processor!
  2. JOOK-D is right. Get some thermal paste on there right now. Don't even turn it on until you do.
  3. oh jeus put the thermal paste the cpu QUICKLY
  4. Argh I've always been known for missing something out in instructions of any sort. Anyway thanks for your help and I will be headed off to buy some paste tomorrow .
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    When CPU'S get too hot, and they usually get hot in demanding applications like games, they throttle down to prevent self-destruction :)

    They slow down to produce less heat, so they dont burn. This is of course, something you don't want. You should apply thermal paste and proper cooling.

    Use some 3rdParty Software to monitor your CPU temperatures and be sure it is in recommended ranges afterwards.
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