R7-260x video card driver problems,black screen

I was having the black screen with the drivers I installed with cd for Sapphire r7 260x oc 2gb edition. I uninstalled the cd catalyst drivers and didn't know I installed the same drivers from web site. I was okay for 2 weeks than black screen came back. I forgot to uninstall the older drivers. Than I installed the 13-12c-w7 catalyst newer drivers this time. Did I mess up. Should uninstall all the catalyst drivers and reinstall the newest drivers?
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    your last sentence is what you should do firstly, before we get into complicated things.
  2. I uninstall the old drivers and left the new drivers alone and all appears much better.:bounce:
  3. Are you still facing the problem?I guess we both have the same issue..Check my thread here and tell if that's what is happenning to you...

  4. It appears the 13-12c-w7 drivers are working fine. Newer drivers just came a few days ago. I might install the newer drivers if I have anymore problems.
  5. Yes even for me the 13.12c was ther best,far less issues when compared with other versions...would black screen once in a long while..But still we cannot say for sure..It happens out of nowhere at random scenarios...
  6. I had to upgrade to the 14-4 win7 drivers because Titanfall would not install. Now I downloaded titanfall and it installed this time.
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