Does upgrading PSU to a higher efficiency reduce heat?

My pc with i5 3570 + gtx 670 is running really hot on my corsair hx520.
I am hoping by switching over to seasonic 660w platinum psu with more overhead wattage and higher efficiency will reduce the temperature.

I know that a higher efficiency psu will reduce heat. But can't seem to get any info on how much temperature it will reduce. Will the drop in temperature be obvious? Is it worth the hassle to change?
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  1. Which temps are you talking about exactly?
  2. ShadyHamster said:
    Which temps are you talking about exactly?

    Whenever I touch my PSU, it feels really hot compared to other areas of my pc.
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    A psu will usually get warm mainly under heavy load, a higher wattage psu will help in that area as it will be less stressed under load.
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