Which Graphic card is best GTX 660 or Radeon R7 265 need help..!!

hey guys i am going to customize a new desktop for gaming i want to ask which graphic card is worth buying Zotac Geforce GTX 660 2gb or Sapphire Radeon R7 265 . because this both cost me same 220$. I check on net Radeon R7 265 just launched in 2014 but Gtx 660 is older still have some 10% better performance compare to R7 265 i checked on and my pc specification;-

intel 3GHz LGA1150 Core i5 4430 4th generation
Ram 8 GB 4x4
Graphic- Gtx 660 2gb or R7 265
Power supply- Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU
WD 1 TB Hard drive

And ya please suggest me which motherboard will be compatible
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  1. gtx660 is faster than r7 265 and is a better choise. your psu also has the power to run both of them easily. GPU TIER
  2. can you tell me how to select motherboard what are the basic thinks to check before buying.?

    This GTX660 has good reviews and is $170 (after $20 MIR):

    Look for any Z87 1150 motherboard that has good reviews. It also depends on your BUDGET but my top choice would likely be Asus, followed by Gigabyte:
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    You don't require a Z87 version of the motherboard as the i5-4430 isn't overclockable. Here's a slightly cheaper 1150 motherboard:

    Do NOT get a motherboard unless it has fairly good customer feedback. You can waste a lot of time and money on a motherboard that has issues.

    My top choice currently for medium budget is the Asus I linked above.
  5. ASRock Fatal1ty H87 Performance another option for you!
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