workstation,server define them

what is server cpu and workstation..which types of processors are used in them?
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    A workstation is a high-end home PC usually optimized for video editing, animation or some other processing intensive task (aside from gaming).

    A server can be a home PC but generally we use big banks of computers for servers and there is a wide range of processors used there.

    You really need to use Wikipedia and read about this yourself:
  2. More homework? Did Google quit working?
  3. ss202sl said:
    More homework? Did Google quit working?

    Exactly, I'm not answering any more questions like this. I'm not sure whether I feel more like the dad who says "Look it up yourself" or the guy who says "Hey, stop copying my homework.."

    Seriously, a SPECIFIC question or two is okay but don't ask questions that can be answered in ten seconds with Google/Wikipedia.
  4. ok:D
  5. since you guys are experts can any one recommend me a processor for gaming?core i5 4670k,core i5 4570..which is better?
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