SSD Caching (ReadyCache or Intel RST) or SSHD


I am upgrading my PC and the only part I can not decide on is the HDD/SDD part.
My setup:
- CPU: Intel i5-4570
- GPU: Sapphire R9 280x
- Ram: 8GB Corair Vengeance DDR3-1600
- Motherboard: Z87-G41 PC Mate

I will use this PC mostly for gaming, so good gaming performance and low bootup time are needed.
It is down to 4 SSD/HDD combinations:
1. Samsung SSHD 2TB for Data + OS
2. Seagate Barracuda 2TB for Data + SanDisk 32GB Readycache
3. Seagate Barracuda 2TB for Data + SanDisk 64GB SSD (used as Cache with Intel Ready Cache Technology)
4. Seagate Barracuda 2TB for Data + Samsung Evo 120GB for OS + Applications

So my question is, is the 3. solution possible with my setup and which would be the best?
I like the idea of caching over a SSD for OS, because I do not want to manage the data myself (With a normal SSD I have to install/deinstall things from the SSD which I do not use, to boost only what is needed with the spare SSD space)

What would be the best performing setup?
Would it be usefull to use setup 3?

Thanks for any help
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  1. #4. A 120SSD can hold a LOT of applications.
    I have one, with the OS and ALL applications on it apart from games. Win 8.1 Pro, MS Office, VideoStudio, Paintshop Pro, Adobe Lightroom, etc, etc, etc.

    Approx 51GB used space.
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    Agreed, #4.

    120GB Samsung 840 EVO:
    - windows + apps (no games)
    - install Samsung Magician to: overprovision, update firmware, set profile for SSD, benchmark.

    2TB or 3TB HDD:
    - downloads
    - media
    - Steam/other games
    - SSD backup image

    Recommended drive is the Seagate 3TB (good customer feedback. I bought one as well):

    It's $105 and compares to the $85 2TB version so for $20 more get this one. It will also have a higher average performance than a 2TB version (rotation speed vs data density).

    Games do NOT benefit from an SSD aside from the initial game loading or level loads. I did extensive testing on this and decided it's only games like SKYRIM (frequent map loading) that benefit much but then it's closer to a 2x speed increase (i.e. 5 seconds vs 10 seconds).

    *You should also have Acronis True Image or similar installed so you can make a backup Image of the SSD which Windows/apps are on (Steam on the hard drive). Keep the very FIRST image then make a second one that you replace (keep first in case virus or corruption creeps in later).

    This also the reason #4 is best, because you want a backup drive.

    Acronis True Image Free is at the WD site. For Seagate, it's the same exact program with a different name, Seagate DiscWizard. Use that to make a compressed Image backup (roughly 20GB or so with a fresh Windows 8 install).
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