Dell Latitude E4200 as HTPC? can play Full HD?

hi there!
been planning to build an htpc using a laptop (low energy consumption)
found someone selling a Dell Latitude E4200 on gumtree with a broken screen for £50
everything else works fine.. the question is would this be able to play
1920 x 1080p with 5.1 dts audio video files?
would the hardware be capable? or more than capable? :D


I also found out that is has only a VGA port so Im planning to get
the port replicator / docking station from ebay for about £10 which will give me
several more usb ports, extra esata port and a DVI out so I can hdmi this using an adapter
to my plasma tv

searching online never found the maximum external video resolution this laptop can produce...
is it safe to assume that the graphics card Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family / 4500 M HD
is the one responsible for the external resolution so googling it still no max reso
but here are the specs for the intel 4500 M HD

Codename Montevina
Pipelines 10 - unified
Core Speed * 533 MHz
Shader Speed * 533 MHz
Memory Type mit Hauptspeicher geteilt (shared) bis 384 MB
Shared Memory yes
shared Memory
DirectX DirectX 10, Shader 4.0
technology 65 nm
Features Enhanced Intel Clear Video Technology, HD Video Decoder (VC/VC2/MPEG2), HDMI with HDCP support, Display Refresh Rate Switching Technology, Render Standby

thanks guys!
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    The intel 4500 M HD is capable of "full 1080p high-definition video playback, including Blu-ray disc movies", but the cpu is not good for the blu-ray movies playback because they recommend to use at least 1.8ghz cpu, because the playback of high definition DVD titles requires higher CPU speed.
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