Raid 1 Setup on Dual Boot (Win7 / Win8.1) Machine - Help

I just replaced my OS drive with Win7 with a dual boot Win7 / 8.1 drive.

I have (had) 4 1tb drives setup on Raid 1 (2 arrays, 1 for Pics / 1 for Videos). It worked fine with just Win7 with Intel RST. Now I can't even get the drives back into Raid 1 and Intel RST always says it's not started.

Is it possible to setup the raid on both OS's in the first place?

Do I need to format 1 drive in each of the arrays and attempt to raid it again? I was hoping that the system would recognize the Raids but apparently they will not.

The drive handling is setup to AHCP in the bios. Should that be changed to either IDE or Raid? Setting it to Raid in the BIOS makes it a hardware config does it not as opposed to a software config?

Anyhow...I can't find any answers searching google or bing on using the same raid arrays on dual boot OS setups. Below is my rig specs...

Processor: Intel i7 3770k
MB: ASRock Z77 Extreme 6
RAM: 16gb 2x8 Gskill 2133
OS Drive: 500gb WD Velociraptor 10k - 6 Gps / sec
Progam Drive: 1tb WD Velociraptor 10k - 6 Gps / sec
Storage: 4 1tb WD Caviar Black in Raid 1 (2 drive volumes)

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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  1. What exactly have you CHANGED since it was working?

    It's possible that after you added Windows 8 you modified some settings and messed up your array but I'm no expert.

    My advice is this:
    a) Stick with Windows 8 only (add Start8 if you wish to bypass the new interface)
    b) Re-build your RAID setup.
  2. photonboy said:
    What exactly have you CHANGED since it was working?

    I swapped out the OS drive. I have a new hard drive partitioned with both OS's installed.

    My old OS drive was only 300gb with a 3 Gbps / sec transfer rate. Upgraded to 500gb with 6 Gbps
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    If you want to use the 2 drive volumes ( raid1 ) you have to change the storage mode to RAID, not the ahci mode.

    In this case, you need
    1) backup your data.
    2) go to the BIOS, and change the storage mode to RAID mode, reboot the PC go to the safe mode by press the F8 during the boot up.
    3) For win7 go to the " Run " command, and type regedit, and run. 3) find
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\IastorV and change the Value data to " 0" . I will change the other like IastorA, IastorF too.
    3a) For win8, you need go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\startoverride
    4) reboot the PC, to see the PC can boot into the window or not, for win 8, it may say you need update the windows update, then just update it, because sometime win8 has problem like this.
    5) If you still can't work it out, try the windows " Fix it".
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