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At my home i have 3 computers, 2 xbox 360,3 tvs, 3 smart phones, 2 ipads, and 2 cameras that all connect wireless to my cable modem. I have a links wireless router . With all these connected it is really slowing down the network so i am looking for options for a new router to handle it all and new usb nics for 2 of the desk top computers.i will also probably need some type of range extender. been out of networking for several years. hoping you guys might be able to offer some suggestions. Thanks in advance
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  1. First thing, you probably don't want USB adapters, if only because they tend to have poor antennas. There is also a big difference in quality between cheap PCI adapters and "better" ones. I used to buy the $12-$15 PCI adapters, until I had the chance to test a $34 PCIe adapter. Wow, the difference was night and day.
    Get a simultaneous dual-band router, otherwise everything on your network will have to slow down to the speed of the slowest device on it.
    This is the router I have:
    I also tested which worked as well speed-wise, but was MUCH more cumbersome to set up due to lots of additional features.

    Edit: ...and this is the wireless adapter:
  2. Before condemning your router, can you better define what your slowness symptom is? It may be that you have maxed out your ISP bandwidth and no router will improve your situation. Your router may have tools to allow you to see how much ISP bandwidth you are using and help determine if you just need to spend $$$ for bandwidth rather than a router.

    Network cameras don't generally use bandwidth unless they are storing video or someone is accessing them. If they are streaming to a network device for archiving then they would be using bandwidth.

    You also might improve your situation by adding a second WIFI access point (on a different frequency) connected by cat5 or powerline networking to your primary router. You could then change the wifi association of some devices to the second access point.
  3. ok my isp service is cox communications prefered internet with 25mps speeds advertised. Speed test with just 1 computer hooked up is dl 32mps upl 16mps ran on wireless connection
    my modem is Surfboard SB6141 my router is Linksys WRT400
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    I would look into getting teh non-mobile hardware off of WiFi. First of all the XBoxes internet gaming does not do well with high latency WiFi and streaming video takes a great deal of bandwidth. Both of those issues can be solves with (preferably) Ethernet cables or (secondarily) with powerline networking.
  5. Thanks . I had not looked into powerline adapters but they look very promising for my situation
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