Providing monthly Internet access to the community via access points?

So basically, I had a plan of becoming a community Internet provider to get rid of slow as **** Internet speed provided by the main ISP of the country, Telekom Malaysia (TM) which means Malaysia Telecom in Malay. (As you know, most Malaysia ISPs provide low-speed ans expensive Internet plans.)

The community (well, a small town) which I live have approximately 10000-30000 people live in there and I wanted to provide at least 50Mbps of Internet speed to them (which TM only provide at most 8Mbps of the Internet plan, we do have one so-called 4G provider here, which provide at most 20Mbps) but the problem is, how can I get the high-speed Internet access for the access points?

So I searched and found something called Tier 1 carriers which holds the backbone of the Internet. So I contacted NTT and Tata Telecommunations (tell me if I spelled it wrong) but got no replies, and the access points I've found are Open-Mesh and Cisco Meraki, which Meraki can support up to 1Gbps speed only (which will divide it when a user connects to it). So I've got some questions here:

1. Can I set an access point to require people pay monthly fees via PayPal or credit cards in case to get access of the Internet? I mean, no. I won't dig and put fibre optic lines to provide the service, but something like Open-Mesh. (But since they can only support up to 300Mbps of speed, I gave up on those things.

2. Is it possible for buying gigabit dedicated Internet access/leased line from the Tier 1 carriers as an individual?

3. Is it possible to put multiple lines from the ISP to different places and use the same service? Like I bought a dedicated Internet access from the ISP and I would like to use the Internet in my home and my office, but I don't want to buy another same service so I decided to make my home and office line to use the service I've already bought.

Currently these for now, and thanks for advance.
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  1. For your #2 "Is it possible for buying gigabit dedicated Internet access/leased line from the Tier 1 carriers as an individual?"

    If you are providing wireless internet service to 10,000-30,000 people, you cease to be an individual, and you will become a business.

    That is a 24/7/365 occupation.
  2. But I did not want to open a company for that, I decided to install the access points into my house, relatives' house and the other businesses which wish to work with me.

    And as I've mentioned, I contacted both Tata and NTT via e-mail and the content are basically the same as this post, but until now I've got no replies at all.
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