I want to use my Windows 7 Ultimate disc to upgrade my laptop which has Windows 7 Home loaded.

I have a business desktop and laptop. I like W7 Ultimate because it includes bitlocker, which is important for my laptop in particular. So I want to get Ultimate onto the laptop so I can utilise bitlocker on it.

I think the problem is I am trying to use a full licence disc to ugrade, instead of an upgrade disc? Anyway I digress..

I already tried 2 ways:
I downloaded a test version of W7 ultimate online, installed it and tried my licence key but it was rejected. The laptop has however loaded it OK and now actually runs W7 Ultimate and gives me (I think) full functionality including bitlocker, but it also gives me warnings about the activation period being exceeded everytime it is switched on and shows a "non-genuine message" in the screen corner. I guess I can live with this but would prefer the installation to be legit (will it stop working some day soon?)

So I then did an installation over the top of the existing OS using my original Windows 7 ultimate disc but again the licence key was rejected (after hours of installation). The machine is precisely where it was before - running but showing non-legit messages.

My next move is probably to do a full install using the disk. But I really could do without the hassle as I'll have to wipe everything and save drivers, etc.

Any suggestions?
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  1. 1 license, 1 PC.
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    You did not need to re-install Windows again in order to get Ultimate. Every copy of Windows 7 comes with all the versions already there, you just need to "unlock" it. So what you should have done is to click on the Start button, then type in "Anytime Upgrade". That would have prompted you for a license key for Windows 7 Ultimate, and then would have churned away for an hour or less and Presto! You would have had Ultimate installed!

    I just did that a month ago for a business who had a desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. An hour after Anytime Upgrade finished, they had Windows 7 Professional installed. All programs and settings were unchanged.

    If there is a way to reset your PC to the way it was originally staged, such as a Restore partition, restore it to its original version, then run Anytime Upgrade. It works. Assuming of course, like you said, that you had a license for Windows 7 Ultimate.
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