CPU Upgrade For a Toshiba SATELLITE L855D-S5220

I have a Toshiba SATELLITE L855D-S5220 and I have a AMD A8-4500M APU with AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics card and I get about 1.9 GHz of CPU. I was wondering if there is anyway I can upgrade my process so I would be able to play games like the DayZ mod and the DayZ Standalone? If so links would be helpful where I could purchase the materials I would need.
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  1. Although it might be possible to replace your laptop's apu, I wouldn't do it. Right now you have almost the best apu available for it anyway, and the only difference between the a8 4500m and the a10 5750m is 600mhz. You wouldn't see much improvement in any games. If you want to do something, you could upgrade the ram to 8gb, then you might see some improvements. After that, any more ram is not used in games. But to be honest, I wouldn't put any money in it. A new apu would cost at least $100. Save your money and build a desktop.
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    Can't be done.

    The ability to upgrade most laptops is pretty much non-existent. For one thing, the power and cooling are optimized for a low-wattage APU. Secondly, even if you could find an APU of the same socket type it wouldn't work unless they added support in the BIOS (and why would they do that?).

    A good APU costs closer to $200 and still might not be as good as you'd hoped.

    Finally, the APU shares some of the System RAM as video RAM so a better APU in your laptop would likely be massively bottlenecked by the slower System RAM (many laptops have a single stick of 1600MHz memory, and since a good APU starts being bottlenecked below 2133MHz Dual-Channel it works out to roughly getting HALF the video performance you paid for..).
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