SLI 780Ti Reference Cooler DP/DVI Port Question (3D Surround and 2D Surround)

Hello. I really like the look of the reference cooler 780 Ti but it only has one Display port and one Dual-DVI D. If I SLI two of them would I be able to use the Dual-DVI D and Display port on one AND the Display port on the other? I am trying to run three BenQ XL2720Z 1080p 144Hz 27.0" Monitors and make sure they are able to use everything included. I would also like to know how one monitor being on Dual-DVI would affect the use of 3D Vision 2. And could anybody suggest cables if this can work?

My goal is an Nvidia Surround 3D system that runs at least 60hz in 3D and at least 120hz in 2D.
My biggest worry is failing to meet this because of the connections.

I have also noticed that the cards have DVI-I Dual-Links which I am not familiar with. Do they work in the same way the DVI-D Dual-Link do? Will they receive the same amount of hz and work with 3D ? If they do and I can find an appropriate adapter I should be able to use the ports on only one of the cards. Thank you :).
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  1. DVI-I vs DVI-D:

    They are identical except DVI-I also contains pin-outs for the VGA (analog) adapter. So there's no difference connecting to a DVI monitor.

    There's no problems that I can see. Your monitors are only 1080p so you can support three monitors easily in Surround.

    No issues I can see other than deciding whether to use Adaptive VSYNC, Adaptive Half VSYNC, or VSync off when you can't maintain a 120FPS frame rate in games (or 144Hz).
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