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Hello ... Since I let my little cousin play some internet web games 2 days ago my desktop fails to load web pages .

There is internet connectivity I can connect and play steam games but If I open any browser and try to load a webpage its not working .

I can fix this for now by running hotspot shield but in the long way I cant keep using it + the speed is not that good with HS running .

I used some anti-virus and malware problems but nothing was found .

Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help
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    Have you tried rebooting your modem to get a new IP? If you have already tried, try using a different web browser.

    Also try resetting the DNS settings following this tutorial:

    Set it to Obtain DNS and IP automatically. If that doesn't work, try changing your proxy in Internet Explorer following this guide:

  2. Solved it !

    Went into chrome -> settings - > advanced -> network settings -> change proxy settings -> connections tab - > Lan settings tab -> disabled " use a proxy server "

    Thanks !
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