Some Headphones missing lows on Soundcard

Hi guys,

Weird problem.

Just installed my Asus Xonar DG soundcard and took the PC to a friends to LAN. I was telling them about the soundcard and they all wanted to put their headphones onto the card to see how it compared. However, a few of the headsets provided strange results. My Sennheisers work fine on the card, but my friends Astro's and Monsters sound a lot quieter and have massively drowned out lows (Imagine the sound of some really cheap earbuds for like a buck).

I even went into my sound settings and changed all the settings around to make sure they were correct, i even tried some other settings, but still nothing changed.

Would love to know if there is an easy fix for this. I'm a bit worried because i just ordered some expensive headphones and dont want the same result.

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    All headphones have different sensitivities, and impedances. Drop of low frequencies is probably due to an impedance mismatch.
    If you are really serious about headphones you should buy a dedicated headphone amplifier, preferably one that is a Class A amplifier design.
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