Best Memory for CPU i7-4770k with Asus Sabertooth Z87 mobo?

What Memory speed and CAS latency should I be looking for if I plan to overclock my CPU? I haven't decided what I should overclock the CPU to, so any suggestions on that would be great.

Current Build:
--Any other suggestions would be welcome. I know the power supply is overkill.


Thank you very much for all the helpful posts. I've made a change to the memory (listed below). I will continue to read additional comments.

Additional info: Yes, this is for gaming. Wildstar is the next game I plan on playing a lot (, although I do play a lot of games ported over from gaming consoles. Right now, I run at 1920x1080. I have no doubt I will be buying a better monitor to handle higher resolutions once I build this machine since my current machine is limited.

Maddogfarge: Although you listed the Ripjaws or Sniper for ram, I went with the TridentX due to the information provided by the company pointing to this model as the best one for overclocking. Since your post has been the most helpful, what are your thoughts on this? Am I just buying into marketing? Thanks!

Update to Build:
Old - Corsair Dominator Platinum 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory (7-8-8-24)(1.5v)
New - G.Skill TridentX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory (8-9-9-24)(1.6v)
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  1. get some 2400 memory since haswell can actually use it.
  2. With the 4770K, the skies the limit, but what you do with your rig is the biggest determining factor, no need to get outlandish high freqs if gaming and simple web browsing, etc.......If you multi task a lot or do imaging, video, CAD, VMs, work with large data sets etc, then faster is much better, else go with 1866 or 2133, decent artickle on Haswell and DRAM here:
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    * IF * You will be using this for gaming: Get 8GB (2x4GB) of 1866 CL 9 G-Skill Ripjaws or Sniper series

    Anything faster doesn't help in gaming, and these will easily OC to the 2100 range without much effort. So you have plenty of FSB headroom to work with.
  4. What resolution are you going to be using? I think you could do much better with that budget...
    Maybe something like this ( I left your overkill PSU figured you had your reasons)
  5. the only Supported memory for I7 4470k is DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600. so dont go higher than that. for RAM at the speed you should look for a CAS of 7/8/9. 7 being best and most expensive. Personal prefrence would be the Gskills Ripjaws Series/corsair. Corsair have a life time warranty for their RAM, any brand which offers life time warranties that's a brand to go with. Good luck
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