How important is a good CPU?

I'm looking to finally get my config for a desktop. Do I need to overclock my CPU? I'm getting an extremely high end graphics card (Dual GTX 780ti) for surround gaming. I currently have a non overclocked i7 4770K. How much should I overclock it, if any?
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  1. I wouldn't even bother with over-clocking right now. Maybe in 2-3 years if you're still using that processor you could think about it, but that processor at stock speeds will hold you over for a long time.
  2. A 4770k is made to overclock and 4.0ghz is not much of one either. A 4770k can do 4.0 on stock voltage, probably even undervolted a bit.
  3. Even with the GTX 780ti SLI? It won't bottleneck or anything?
  4. I would at least clock it to 4.0ghz, if you have an aftermarket cooler. It is insanely easy to do.
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    OCing is pushing the hardware past the advertised and sold 'stock' settings that are guaranteed to work as you expect. OCing uses more energy (electricity) creating more heat, and in turn reduces the life expectancy (3 years) as outlined by your warranty. OCing also can void your warranty, where you OC a CPU and then it breaks, your SOL and need to buy out of pocket a new one, you can't return it for a replacement. OCing is more a tech enthusiasts tweak that enjoys pushing things to the edge, and understands all these risks, so NO you do NOT HAVE TO OC a CPU. If you do, your adding more risk and potential for 'instability' (the way to say weird stuff will happen and not predictable and doesn't immediately say 'Bad OC clock me down a bit'). If you can do it, and do it right you get better performance, but as said your risking breaking things as well if your too 'overboard'
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