GeForce GTX 760 vs. Radeon HD 7950

So which one offers more for what I'm paying? I keep hearing about the Nvidia cards but I don't see much about AMD.
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  1. If you are playing at 1080p, then the 760 might work best. Only downside I see of choosing that 760 is that it will run hotter with the stock cooler most likely. You could overclock the 7950 but you would have to bring it up alot to run along the same speeds as the 760.
  2. I guess that by majority vote, I'll most likely take the 7950^^ Thanks for the input guys
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    The 7950 is the better card in most games but in some the 760 is better. They will perform about the same, although different in certain games.
  4. That deal on the 7950 is really good, I'd take it.
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