Can I delete old AMD Catalyst folders on C: drive

I am trying to make some more space on my C drive. And I noticed that my AMD folder has several old Catalyst driver folders that are about 500 MB in size.

example of the folder:


So could I delete, say the BetaV1 and V8 folders?
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  1. You could install driver sweeper and clean all the drivers, then you install the latest drivers :)
  2. yes
  3. I advise to do it the way I mentioned, something may get messed up and end up having to clean/install drivers anyway.
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    They are the temp directories created at install. The drivers and additional software is unpacked and installed to the proper directories. The only benefit of keeping the folders, you can run the setup in them later. Nvidia creates folders like this, and I just delete them after the install. Typically I tend not to have the directory go to C: drive.
  5. Oh, I see, then just erase them OP!
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