so what's the deal with optical drives?

my case allows 4 optical drives. this being said, should i get 4? if i do, should i have 4 of the same, or what? do i even need 4? do different things (movies, games, music) require their own kinds of drives, or can 1 do everything?
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    4 optical drives?
    No. At most, you need one. And CD/DVD drives are universal. Movies, music, data, whatever lives on the disk.
  2. your only use for more than 1 would be to rip and burn at the same time, essentially copying dics right away, without waiting for it to get on your computer then onto the other disc. im pretty sure thats correct anyway
  3. Not 100% necessary these days. Most software and media is available for download/streaming. But Dual Layer DVD drives are cheap. They support everything but Blu-Ray discs.

    A Blu-Ray drive will support all lesser forms of discs (Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs)

    Why cases come with 4 bays:

    Most ATX case designs come with multiple 5 & 1/4" bays to give an end user options. Back in the day, Floppy Drives, Zip Disk Drives, Tape Drives (for backup), were quite common. There are also adaptors to put 3.5 inch drives in 5 1/4 bays when people use a lot of drives.

    Modern users might use them for water cooling reservoirs, pumps, fan controllers, professional audio (1/4 inch jacks for speakers/headphones/volume knobs/equalizers/input selectors), LCD displays for various system information are available.
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