possible dvd drive bad? or motherboard?

i bought a Z87-a Asus motherboard. it boots to bios and i can change all the settings etc. but the boot light wont turn off when its loading, then it goes straight to bios(all other lights flash then go off as it boots). in the bios the DVD is first boot, and when i manually try to boot it just has that little line flash over and over for about a minute then it goes back to bios. i noticed my DVD drive doesn't even spin the disk. i tried windows 7 AND xp disks, neither work. i tried them in another PC and it boots off disk fine. is the motherboard the issue? it wont even boot off the asus dvd. or is it the dvd drive?
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  1. Well it would be a lot cheaper and easier to try a different DVD drive than another motherboard, so it's clear where to start testing...
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    Swap DVD drives between computer and see if it works. I'm guessing that would be step one.
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