Need micro-atx mobo for fx 8350 - there are alot of problems...Stuck...


I have been searching for a Portable - rendering PC that i can carry occasionally...

I have already have:
PSU: Corsair tx750M (160mm)
GPU: Zotac GTX 680 4gb (111.15mm x 266.70mm)

And i still need:
CPU: (AMD - fx 8350 for vray rendering)
MOBO: (A micro ATX build for portability but can sustain a GTX 680 and an AMD fx 8350)
Case: (Silverstone Sugo SG09, Micro-ATX as max dimensions)

The biggest problem is my lack of knowledge or excessive demand...

After a night of searching around, i hit the wall after another...

The case that i would like to use (Silverstone Sugo SG09) is micro-atx only. and there is no powerfull motherboard (something about "760g" and "970g" stuff)

Even there is, i am not sure if that case will be able to sustain that heat from a possible FX 8350 build that will be on100% load fo 8 hours...

I am on the verge of giving up so thought i should ask...Open to all ideas... Budget is secondary...

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    There are no quality micro atx boards for the 8350.

    ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3

    These boards support the FX-8350. Use good fans and an aftermarket CPU cooler.
  3. Those boards are horrible quality , both have poor thermal designs , not worth mounting a FX8320 OR 8350 in either one.
  4. Totally agree! Nothing useful from AMD.
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