Microsoft Security Essentials on 8.1?

Hi there! I wanted to know if i could install and run Microsoft security essentials on y windows 8.1 computer without any troubles! thank you!
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  1. Security essentials won't run on 8.1 since it's equivalent to the built-in protection in 8.1. It's called Windows Defender but compared to the Windows Defender that came with Vista and 7 this is much stronger and has all the features of MSE. You can use another free AV like Avast which is a bit more effective
  2. hi there again! this is a follow up to the original question: Will it work on just 8? or does it have the same 'situation' as 8.1
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    The built-in protection in 8 is the same as in 8.1, so MSE is disabled there too
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