What PCIe 2.0 slot for gtx 760?

I have a Asus m5 a97 r2.0 motherboard and it has a x4 PCIe slot an a x16 PCIe slot and my 760 is in the x4 slot. Would it benefit from the x16 slot at all? As far as i understand is that the x4 and x16 has do do with memry lanes or something like that and affects data speeds.
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  1. Yes, you should see a great improvement with switching PCI slots.
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    Yes, the memory bandwidth provided on the x16 lane will allow data to transfer between the graphics card and the other components on your computer much faster. You probably wont notice a night and day performance change but it's worth switching
  3. My only problem is i have to knock out the back plate and do not have any extra and if i do this do i need to re-install the driver if i change the slots?
  4. You shouldn't have to re-install.
  5. Alright, i shall install in new slot and see if i can find some back plates.
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