SSD shows (most of the time) in BIOS, does not appear in Device Manager.

Hello! And help!

I've had a Kingston HyperX SSD installed in my case for some time now. When I originally had it working (about a year ago) it was causing a lot of crashes for whatever reason. Well, I did something and can't remember what the hell I did and now the SSD will appear in the BIOS but not Device Manager or under Disk Management. I already played with AHCI v IDE settings and it doesn't make a difference (in the event it would make a difference as I've seen on other sites). Any ideas on how I can get it to show?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Boot from your windows install disk. Go through as if you were going to install windows. When you get to where you choose your drive for installation, find your disk that you're having issues with. Partition and format it, then exit and reboot into windows as normal. You should then see your SSD. Be sure to do this to the correct SSD. First, I should have asked, but if you have anything on that SSD that you want don't do this as it will erase all data.

    If you have data on it, try pluging it into a different SATA port.
    If you have another computer, try testing it in it so see if it shows there. Maybe you could transfer the data there and follow the first steps if needed so you won't lose what you've got on it.
  2. Ok, so I have been trying that but with a bootable USB with Windows 8.1 ISO on it. When I boot with the SSD connected, the screen fades to black after the Windows 8 logo is on screen for about 12 minutes and then nothing happens. When I boot with the SSD disconnected from the SATA port, it runs in the installation prompts as usual. I've experimented with numerous USB ports, IDE v AHCI, unplugging all other USBs, and switching around order of SATA connections but I still can't get past the black screen to access the OS install to the SSD. It's already a blank SSD so no worries about losing data!
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