How do I hook up a desktop to a laptop to get 5.1 srs, that is hooked to my desktop

Ok I have a gateway desktop that`s hooked to a Logitech x530 5.1 srs that work fine, so I have a laptop I want to connect the 5.1 to work from the laptop, but I can`t do that unless the 5.1 is hooked to the desktop. I had the same issue once before with a different Logi. 5.1 and all I did was plug the blk cord from the 5.1 srs to the laptop into the headphone output and all the speakers worked fine this time it`s not working what am I missing. pls. help thnx.
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    a 5.1 computer speaker system requires all three 3.5mm cords to be plugged in in order to get 5.1 sound.
    green= front left and right
    orange= center and subwoofer
    black = rear left and right

    to hook up a 5.1 system to most laptops which only have the green (headphone) jack and a pink (microphone) jack you will need an external usb 5.1 soundcard. there are various quality levels you can choose from ranging from budget units (likely what you need) all the way up to some pretty decent ones.

    plugging just the black cord in will not give you 5.1 sound, it will only play sound out the rear speakers as if they were the fronts. the rest of the speakers would not work. you need to plug all 3 (green, orange and black) into a 5.1 soundcard for this to work on your laptop.
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