which is the best smartphone cpu???

hi i have a Nokia Lumia 520 and a Samsung galaxy S3 mini
nokia lumia 520 has got a qualcom s4 snapdragon 400 1.0 ghz dual core krait and s3 mini has got
a cortex A9 1.0 ghz dual core cpu
above them which one is good for smartphone gaming????
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  1. Do you have the international variant or the the U.S. AT&T version?
  2. international variant
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    The Nokia 520 has the Adreno 305 GPU, and the S3 Mini has a Mali 400 GPU. The Adreno in the Nokia is faster and newer.

    This website: http:// ranks the 305 much higher.

    The 520 will be better! However, the S3 will have better games, being on Android.
  4. Hope that I could help. Could you please mark as best answer if I helped you? Thanks!
  5. thanks man i knew that adreno was good cheers
  6. sam002fc said:
    thanks man i knew that adreno was good cheers

    The Lumia 520 is a very capable phone for it's price. I think, if you are really thinking about this stuff, you should sell your S3 mini and get a Moto G. the Moto G uses an adreno 305 also, but paired with the quad core, it will be awesome. You can pick one up for under $100 like here: http://

    Anyway, have fun and thank you. Take care!
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