A good cabinet that'll fit these parts

My specs :
-CPU : FX-6300
-GPU : R9 270
-RAM : Corsair Vengance 8GB
-Mobo : Asus M5A97 R2.0
-PSU : 620W Seasonic
-HDD : 1TB Seagate
-Cooler : Cm hyper 212 evo

My budget is around $50
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  1. Get Cooler Master HAF 912 for about $55
  2. You sure everything will fit in nice and snug i.e. including the CM hyper 212 evo?
  3. With that case, it should room for that heat-sink so don't worry.
  4. Best answer
    CM hyper 212 evo has height of 159mm
    While CM haf 912 cabinet can accomodate cpu fan height of upto 175mm
    So definitely it will fit all your parts including hyper 212 evo cpu fan while providing plenty of free space and good cooling
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