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i have a desktop computer that has an old 250gb harddrive and a second 1tb hard drive. the 250gb hd has win 7 on it and has died on me, the second hard drive has games and films and other documents that i would like to keep.
until i get an ssd can i put win7 on the second hard drive without losing all that data or failing that, can i move the data to my laptop that also runs win 7.
Or even crazier can i hook up my lap top to my desk top and make it think it has win 7 and save my data that way
Any help would be appreciated as i'm slightly impatient saving up for a reasonable sized ssd (250 gb)
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    You can reinstall windows onto the 2nd hdd with a bit of mucking around -

    copy everything to another hard drive. Install Windows with drive reformat and a partition just for the OS. Copy data back to the non-OS partition.

    Thn set everything up for Users as well as updating drivers
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