HP Pavilion g4-1215dx Notebook does it have a spot on mother board for backlit keyboard?

HP Pavilion g4-1215dx Notebook, wondering if I can upgrade the keyboard to a back-lit keyboard. I'm willing to do the work to make this happen. I have already upgraded my APU. I would take apart and look for myself if my mother board had a spot or slot or whatever is needed for a back-lit keyboard cable, but I don't know what it would look like. If anyone could help that would be appreciated. (Links to what the part looks like that i need to check would be awesome too! thanks again!)
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    Hi, HP did not make a backlit keyboard for this model, so, you don't have any connector on the motherboard to power the LED. I did not find any informations mentioning a connector on the schematics or in the maintenance manual.

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