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I am adding fans to my system 200mm to be exact and which is better I will have 4 lead but my motherboard has only 3 system fan headers and if connect them to the psu will they stay running even if the computer is off
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  1. No, they will not run when the PC is off, but when it's on they'll be running at a constant 100%.
  2. This should fit 4-pin fans (the fourth pin is only for controlling the speed so you won't be needing that).
  3. What's a good adapter for molex to four pin fan even tho I think there all 3 pin I will have 2-200mm one top one front 2-120 side and back
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    Hi alink92 ,
    something like these would work and can be stuck inside your case anywhere ,
    or something like this with fan headers with different voltages to run fans slower or faster to reduce noise
    gives you some extra molex headers aswell
  5. Will the 120 be loud I know the 200 will be quite on full speed
  6. I like keep things on newegg if possible
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