Buying new parts, Need help.

This was my first ever budget PC build.

Im cranking up my game and upgrading some of my parts to last me ATLEAST the year, If i have to ill re-upgrade. Im thinking of buying a MSI Radeon R9 270 from OCuk
Also buying a new CPU
(I want a quad core and not a dual core :p)
Also im going to give my CPU a nice new cooler, I want to keep my system as cool as possible.
Im on a 250 pound price limit and i need to buy a new PSU but i havent got the extra cash, If i was to buy a R9 270 and run it off my 430watt psu, would that work or do i need atleast a 500w?
Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the site, Im new to tH!
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  1. Upgrade;

    GPU; defiantly stick with the R9 270, best card out there for the price.

    CPU; For gaming an i5 4570 would be your best intel Quad core processor, which will perform extremely well in current games.

    CPU cooler; Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO, Best in it's price range.

    PSU is fine, though I would not attempt to overclock anything due to limited watt headroom.

    Total, Not too sure but it should close to budget, if under, maybe consider a i5 4670.
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    You don't need to buy a new PSU. That one will serve you just fine. It's fairly low end, but it's safe and more than enough to power a R9 270. Lots of specs will say you need "at least 500W PSU", but they're really just covering themselves for the many junk PSUs on the market that can't actually deliver their rated wattage. You PSU will actually deliver the power it says it will, and is more than enough for one mid range video card. You'll be fine even if you upgrade your CPU too. You'd only need to upgrade if you wanted to add a second video card or go to a high end build.
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