i7 4770 or AMD FX8350 for photo/video editing

I'm planning to make a video/photo editing pc using Adobe After effects, Photoshop and Lightroom and I need to upgrade my prehistoric PC.

I was wondering if I should get the i7 4770 or AMD FX8350.

To be honest I don't want to pay allot ( £600 )

I'm going to do some gaming on it but not as much as editing and editing is my main priority. But the games I want to get is Metro/COD (basically fPS)

I know this is a controversial discussion as there are hardcore fans on both sides and I have been around a few websites but not allot has been cleared up for me.
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  1. They are both good but the i7 is the better one, also, more expensive.
    Buy the i7 if you can afford it but if you can't, the FX will be good too.


    so you see, the FX is a bit slower in multi-threaded programs but gets smashed in single core programs.
    But photo/video editing is multi so just get which one you can afford.
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  3. FX 8350 is better for multithreaded workloads like those
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