Help me decide between two AM3+ motherboards

I have been looking around for AM3+ motherboard for my PC that is capable of comfortably utilizing FX8350 in the future.

At the moment I have Phenom II 555 BE, OCZ CPU cooler, Radeon 5850, 4GB of DDR3 ram, Sata3 disk drive and TX650 PSU.

I am looking to unlock and overclock current CPU to 4Ghz. I know that it's capable of doing that. After few months I'm going to replace it with 8 core FX chip.

I have suffered from VRM failure on my last motherboard and would like to avoid this problem in the future. I have seen 4+2 phase struggling with FX4100 even at stock clocks and would like to avoid that once I upgrade. I have read bad reviews with cheap-end motherboards having VRM failure of throttling problems with 8 core FX CPU's and this is my major concern.

Unfortunately I have a limited budget. And these are only two motherboards in my budget that look decent.

Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0

UD3P is the only motherboard in my budget to have 8+2 phase, unfortunately there aren't that many reviews about it. Asus looks reasonable and offers 6+2 phase CPU VRM.

I would say these are the best options that I can afford at the moment. Once I upgrade I am going to do a mild overclock and my question is if these are up to the task and which one would you recommend to go for?
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    Both motherboards are great I would go for M5A97 R2.0. If you do mild OC with FX-8350 go for Asus, but in your case UD3P looks better only because of 8+2phase design.
  2. I will get the GA-970A-UD3P and fx8320 because you can easy to oc fx8320 to match the fx8350 with 8+2 VRM MB.
  3. just make sure it has a good heatsink on the vrms
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