Having Trouble Choosing the Monitor I Want/Need.

Hi. Okay, so I am buying a new computer. I've ordered all the parts, except for the Monitor, and that's because I had to wait until my paycheck came in Thursday. However... in the couple of days that I spent waiting for that paycheck, I did more looking into the monitor I was thinking about getting... The Asus PB278Q. A very nice 27" PPS 1440p monitor. However, I learned that it only runs at 30Hz, which doesn't make it that great for gaming, or so I'm told, but it can be useful for other things, such as video editing, and watching movies and tv shows.

So, I went looking around, and I found another monitor. The BenQ XL2720T 120Hz 1080p monitor, which is perfect for gaming, but I don't know how it handles video editing, TV shows and Movies, though I'm going to to assume at least somewhat well. It has everything I want, except for the 1440p...

My question is, which one should I get? the 1440p PLS 30Hz display, or the 1080p TN 120Hz display?

P.S.: My list of computer parts include an i7-4770K CPU and a gtx 780Ti GPU
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    If you are going to be doing any gaming, do not get a screen with a refresh rate below 60Hz. You can get 60Hz 1440p screens if you can afford one. If you can't afford that, get the 1080p 120Hz monitor.

    A screen with a refresh rate of 30Hz will make all your games look a bit choppy, slow and unresponsive.
  2. Well, I do plan on doing a lot of gaming with the computer, and I can't afford any good 60Hz 1440p monitors. There are a couple in my price range, but personally, I'm not getting a Korean Monitor (which is why I am spending so much on my monitor in the first place) so it looks like, if that's the case, I'll get a 120Hz 1080p monitor, which looks to be the best option for me.
  3. VG248QE is an amazing monitor. It's 24" 1080p 144Hz 1ms response time. There is also a 27" inch version - VG278HE.

    There are also some BenQ 144Hz monitors that will have slightly better colors, but you will pay roughly ~$100 more for it. The model name is XL2720Z.

    I have the 24" inch ASUS and I love it. The value is outstanding for what you get. I assume the 27" version is just as good. It needs to be calibrated, but after that it looks very much acceptable.
  4. 0Z is only a couple dollars more then the 0T, running only $500, compared to the 0T's $490. (I'll just look into the 0Z, and see what it gives that allows for the $10 higher price tag, and if it is at all worth it.
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