MSI Z87 G43 Xeon support

Does MSI Z87 G43 support xeon e3 1230 v3? I have been on their website, but they say nothing.
If not, should i just go for the g45 instead?
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  2. Noidea, how the **** did you find that. I have been looking for that for almost an hour.
    And thanks for the help :)

    I tried, but i get different layouts -
    It shows up in red/black colors(the website) instead of what you linked.

    Edit: Is it just me, or is their .com site very unstable? Very slow loading, sometimes when i click on things they don't activate and that. Well, doesn't matter now that i got help
  3. I tend to avoid the specific Gaming and overclocking sides of MSI's website as I find them to be cluttered with marketing crap. Fortunately by default the UK site uses the standard layout that I have gotten used to.
  4. They say everything! You just have to click on the right tab:
  5. Now - another question. I see when i click vga support, and it actually works, that they do not tell anything about r9 290 support. Does the G43 support r9 290/ r9 290 crossfire?
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