Need help to choose an action cam for skydiving

Hello guys im starting Skydiving end of may and i want to buy an action cam to record my jumps.

What is important to me:

-I want to be able to shoot 1080p @ 60fps, 720p @ 120fps
-I need 1+ hours of recording time at those setup
-Needs to be waterproof since clouds are cold and wet lol :P
-I want it to be mounted of top on my head not on the side
-Temperatures in the sky are usually about 20-25°C lower than on the ground
-I want it to record sharp into the extent
-The sun is bright so that shouldnt be an issue to record with
-I want it to capture the colours good
-Needs to withstand speed of 200km/h

Ive seen many youtube videos and reviews of different cams but i cant really decide yet. i was tending towards the ion air pro 3 for some reason but i just read the review from this side and it said it turns off at -9°C since the batterys get to cold? sayyy wuuut...,review-1994.html

Obviously i also checked the gopro hero 3+ black edition but many reviews said it has some kind of failure with the lense or something like that. its also really expensive in my country.

this video kind sums up how i want my videos to look like. i really want to be able to do those super slow motion stuff.

would be awesome if someone could help me out with this.
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  1. I suggest you seek recommendations from buddies at sky diving clubs. They will be in a better position to recommend stuff based on actual experience.

    Good luck!
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