AMD Radeon HD 6450 Issues

I have an acer aspire m3985, and im upgrading from an intergrated Intel Graphics card. I have upgraded the powerpack to 750watt, but when i put the grapics card in and turn my computer on, there is no output, from any slot on either graphics card. What do I do?
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  1. Hes tried that. unfortunatly there is no option in the bios to turn off the onboard graphics, even updated the bios but still no option. the card works in my computer which is an older acer .... just put in and turn on and away we go. looks like a conflict with the system but just can not find a way around it.
  2. thanks for the input tho tea urchin
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    This might work .

    Go to device manager . Find the entries for the display adapter . The intel one . Uninstall it .
    When the system prompts for a reboot .. DONT
    Instead turn the computer off
    Then add the Radeon 6450 , connect to it using either the VGA or DVI connectors

    Then reboot . You should get a found new hardware warning if the process is working .
    Once you have a desktop then install the AMD drivers
  4. Thanks outlander thought that was a good idea but.... with the same out come im afraid. we tried it firstly uninstall the the display adaptor, then we tried uninstall the adaptor and driver. It would seem like a definite conflict between the the two because when the g/card is put in neither the onboard or the g/card turns the monitor on. we can only get the screen to work with the g/card out.
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