Computer Freezes to Screens with Vertical Lines, over 90C. PLEASE HELP!

Update 06/25/14: So I just installed GPUZ and found that my gpu was at 91c after playing Batman AO for about 1-2 hours. Nothing is overclocked so I never thought to check if this would be the problem. XFX card run at high temperature I hear but this seems too high too quickly. I have a feeling this is my problem. I have a cooler master case and a rear a front fan so a good air flow is going through the case. I don't know what to do to lower the running temperature.

Update: So, everyone, this thread has been up for a while now and I still have not found a consistent fix. I have been through numerous forums but found nothing to help me any further. So, I am updating this to give you all a better idea of the situation now.

To summarize: I had an Nvidia 550 ti and switched to a R9 270X. Ever since then, my computer crashes randomly during various games for an unknown reason. I have taken numerous steps to resolve the issue but all to little avail. The freeze screen is sometimes a blackish-grey, yellow, or red screen but always with vertical lines. I tried using the eventvwr logs to detect the problem but errors dont always show up.

The following is the original post. It contains a few extra details but you can probably skip reading it all. However, it does contain my COMPUTER SPECS BELOW.

"Hi guys, I have been having an issue with my comp lately. Whenever I'm playing League of Legends, my screen will randomly go completely black or turn grey or yellowish with lines vertically on the screen. This is really hurting my ranked games :pfff: . When this happens, sound is still played and I can still type to let people in the game know I have to restart my computer, which is the only way to fix it. So it seems like this is related directly to my GPU. It's a weird thing because I've played games like Skyrim on the highest settings and games like AC4:Black Flag on high settings for hours on end without encountering this problem. I used to play WoW a few months ago, and I only ever encountered this issue whenever I would turn the Anti-Aliasing to the highest setting, from 8xaa to 16xaa, in game (playing with all other settings maxed out). However, once I would turn the Anti-Aliasing back to 8x, the problem would cease. It seems to occur more quickly in LoL if I max out the settings as well, but it even happens if I put the graphic settings halfway to max. I have a pretty solid setup that should run LoL maxed out with no problems.

Here's my setup:
MOBO: Intel DH67BL
GPU: XFX Radeon R9 270X
CPU: Sandy Bridge 2500k
RAM: 8GB DDR3 Corsair
PSU: 750 Watt Corsair
I cant remember the exact size and make of my HDD but it has 289GB free out of 596GB
and I have a realtek sound card

Also, I did a bit of research before making this thread but couldn't really find anything too helpful about it. I did have a GTX 550TI before I upgraded my card, but I uninstalled all drivers and programs associated with nvidia before installing this new GPU. I did come across someone saying that a full reinstall of windows is sometimes necessary, but I'm really trying to avoid this because I will have to reinstall an absurd amount of data, transfer numerous school papers and projects, and also downgrade from windows 7 to vista because I only own the disk for vista (the computer came with win7). Please help me out, anything and everything is appreciated because I really don't know wtf to do. I guess it's important to note that I didn't change any BIOS settings or anything when I installed the new GPU so maybe it's not getting a sufficient power supply, but that's just a wild guess."

Update on what is occuring:
The computer is still freezing, although it is A LOT less often than the start. Sometimes when it freezes to either the grey, yellow, or red screen with vertical lines the computer will "recover" and go back to normal. The red screen is sometimes recoverable upon waiting or unplugging the hdmi. The black screen is sometimes recoverable upon waiting a minute or so. No luck to my memory as far as the yellow screen. Sometimes after waiting a short period, the screen would jump to a blue screen with a warning about the display driver being unresponsive and then the computer would restart. I usually have to just manually restart the machine. For some reason not all of these crashes have errors that appear in the windows log of eventvwr.

What I've done so far (only helped to minimize the crash occurrence):
Reinstalled the display driver twice (I had Nvidia before this Radeon 270x) using the most recent version of Display Driver Uninstaller via Guru3D. I used the most recent release driver, 14.4, before switching to the beta a couple weeks ago. I updated my Bios and my processor driver. Windows is updated to the most recent versions excluding the bing update. Checked to make sure that the GPU was physically secure and had the correct power cords running to it. I made sure my computer is clean of all virus and malware that maybe could cause this.

I have no ideas left. Please, any help is appreciated.

Note: One extra precaution I have been taking is shutting down my computer every time I plan on going over an hour or so without using it. The crashes seemed to occur whenever I would begin playing a game after my computer would be in idle, or sleep mode, for an extended period of time anywhere between 3-24 hours. Shutting down seems to have helped tremendously as far as minimizing the crashes during the first hours of use.
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  1. What does Event Viewer say about it? (Go to Run > eventvwr > Windows Logs > System)
  2. Should I do this after I restart if it crashes again? I just updated to a newly released driver and fiddled with the GPU to MOBO connection and the power supply connections to the GPU just to see if it helps any.
  3. I3oom said:
    Should I do this after I restart if it crashes again? I just updated to a newly released driver and fiddled with the GPU to MOBO connection and the power supply connections to the GPU just to see if it helps any.

    The logs for previous crashes should be still there, just need to look up the time. Anyways, see if what you did helps. Good luck. :)
  4. It just happened again :'( what do am I looking for under system?
  5. These are the only things our of the ordinary around the time of the crash aside from DNS errors and a few other warnings for the unclean shutdown whenever I had to turn the computer off via the power button.

    Error Bugcheck @ 1:23
    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000117 (0xfffffa8009761100, 0xfffff88004455dac, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\Minidump\042614-39811-01.dmp. Report Id: 042614-39811-01.

    Warning Kernel-Tim @ 12:41
    The TransactionManager (TmId={9de1bdca-63be-11e3-95fe-806e6f6e6963}, LogPath=\SystemRoot\System32\Config\TxR\{9de1bdc8-63be-11e3-95fe-806e6f6e6963}.TM) has failed to advance its log tail, due to the transaction (UOW={9de1bde7-63be-11e3-95fe-e06995a36e6c}, Description='') being unresolved for some time. The transaction must be forced to resolve in order for the TransactionManager to continue to provide transactional services. Forcing the incorrect outcome may cause data corruption in any subordinate ResourceManagers or Transactionmanagers.

    Critical Kernel-Power @ 1:23
    The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
  6. going back through my programs I realized I had an Nvidia HD sound driver still installed. I uninstalled that bad boy and so far I was able to play 2 full games with no problems
  7. I hate to reopen this thread, but it's happening again. It's a lot less frequent but still occurring.
  8. Do you see any messages or logs in Event Viewer saying something like graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered?
  9. No not at all. My apologies for not responding for so long. It was finals week for college over here so I've been overwhelmed with that.
  10. Finally found something.

    Source: Kernel-PnP EventId-219 Task Category-212
    The driver \Driver\monitor failed to load for the device DISPLAY\SAM0A20\5&25ebc567&0&UID265.

    This message occured about 6 times within 2 minutes. I don't know how I have never come across it before. So does this mean something due to the gpu or a monitor issue?
  11. I am also suffering from this issue, it is usually a grey screen with black vertical lines for me, never had black or yellow. I am probably the least tech savvy person there is so any help would be appreciated.
  12. I updated to the latest beta and it helped mitigate the issue, but it is still occuring. It occurs less often in games like AC4, Batman AO, and Bioshock Infinite. For some reason when I'm playing League of Legends it seems to occur most often. It's more tolerable now since it will only happen once maybe twice during a day of gaming. Still, it's a total pain to have a game crash during a crucial moment. Any further help would be appreciated.
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