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Hey guys. I'm really confused as to which cpu I should pair up with my gtx 770. From what I've heard, "most games aren't cpu intensive" meaning I could get away with buying an fx 8350. But, my question is, lets just say I choose an i5 3570k/i5 4670k over the fx, will I see an fps improvement? And if so, realistically, how many more frames per second can I expect? (BTW I plan on playing games like crysis 3 and metro last light on the highest settings, if it matters) Thanks :D
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  1. Well, many games are very heavily CPU intensive. Games like Crysis and BF4 will run your CPU wild, too.
    I would recommend getting the i5 3570k, you probably would see a difference but it won't be to major. If the price difference is not to far between the two, I would just get myself the 3570K. The AMD equivalent is good too, but at builds with anything more than a 770, I would prefer to go to intel-based CPU's.
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    You can look at benchmarks.,3328-14.html

    The previous page to this one looked at BF3. It was a tie all the way around. You'd never know one chip from another. I linked this one because there is a difference.

    Both are above 60FPS, but the 3570k is MUCH higher. Notice also that it's near 120FSP. This is import if you want to play 3D, as each eye will get half of your frame rates. If you go 3D gaming, the 3570k will perform much better then the 8350. In the next title it's all basically a wash again. The 8350 runs a good 15-20% slower, but nothing horrible like dropping sub 60FPS or anything like that.

    I had this decision to make when I upgraded my machine a bit ago. I went with the 3570K (4670 wasn't out yet.) because I could get the "three 3s" now, and I wouldn't have random games performing worse then the 8320. The three 3s of course are SATA 3, USB3, and PCIe 3. AMDs northbridge still doesn't support PCIe 3. Not a big thing really as cards aren't maxing out PCIe 2. But if I was upgrading, I wanted to get the best. Then there are those random games that just don't seem to like AMDs CPUs. I had the $$$ so I went Intel. Nothing wrong with AMDs CPUs and they might be the best choice if you do a lot of CPU work and game on the side. But my rig was a gaming rig, so I wasn't worried about getting an 8 core CPU.
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