which processor should i go with AMD FX 8350 or Intel Core i5 3550

which processor should i go with AMD FX 8350 or Intel Core i5 3550 3rd Gen LGA 1155 3.3Ghz.i need for gaming?

Many people have gave different opinion some said that AMD Has 8 core which is useless no game use 8 core and intel has 4 core and has good rating per core when i checked on gamedebate it show amd fx is better for gaming i dont understand which one i should go with.?
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  1. YOu have asked this 3 times now. Slow down please.
  2. i5, hands down - as it is faster core per core /and while games can use many cores, they don't usually use them efficiently, so it may end like you are running 4 single-threaded processes rather than 1 multi-threaded one/.

    fx has 4 modules - the 8 cores are not as fast as a 'regular core' - it's about the same league as intel ht. but heck, more cores sell better :D
    so that amd is only good when you use resource heavy multi-threaded amd optimized programs (aka. video editing software, virtualize pc... stuff like that) at least 80% of the time.

    if not - intel time :D
  3. i5, cause it's 4 cores, and I imagine 8 threads.

    However, get the i5-4440.
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    You already have a thread open for this. Don't keep posting over and over again.

    You're going to get varying opinions depending on the situation overall the Intel chip is better in terms of core performance but software that can exploit the extra cores and threads of the FX will see an advantage. I'd probably Intel for a sole gaming machine, though i personally use an FX 8120, i enjoy having the extra cores.
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