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Display driver stopped responding and has recovered {nvlddmkm error]

Hi guys. Been getting this error a lot recently and its driving me insane almost to the point i want to toss my computer out the window. It Happens watching movies. Gaming or just browsing the web.
First the application running will crash and you'll see pixelated squares appear all over the screen.
During games it sometimes recovers and you can continue but will invertible crash and the computer will restart.

I have updated to the latest driver. Rolled back to previous driver. Tried the renaming the old nvlddmkm in system 32. Tried changing the voltage from adaptive to high performance. Checked for overheating. Graphics card rarely goes about 40 even when gaming heavily on high settings which i find weird.

Nvidia GeForce 660GTX
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Toughpower XT 775Watt.
2x Ripjaw 4gb RA
2 xWDC WD1600JD-75HBB0 ATA Devices
Windows Vista Ultimate 64x

Everything but the Hard drive is only a few months old.

Thanks for taking your time to help me. Really hope i can get this resolved and enjoy my Pc once again.
Regards Ryan
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  1. Best answer
    Actually simpliest answers:

    1) download either from GURUs their Driver Sweeper or download Driver Fusion
    2) Go to control panel and remove all Nvidia components.
    3) run the Driver Sweeper / Fusion to REALLY remove all the driver components
    4) Reboot you will be in VGA mode. Download latest from Nvidia (believe they are Betas but damn work well!)
    5) reinstall drivers.

    then do 'the basics'

    Did you install all Windows Updates? Including options except BING? Check them and repeat till ALL are installed.
    Download and run Slim Drivers, install all the latest updates but you don't need to reboot until you do the last update
    Remove whatever AV your using and go to and download AVAST! or AVG and do a full system scan - this repeatedly has resolved alot of people issue relying on MS Essentials.
    Download Malwarebytes do a full system scan (AV doesn't pick up alot of malware) - this resolved almost ALL other similiar posts to date as most had Malware the AV didn't pick up.
    Repeat the AV/Malware scans till the system comes up clean.

    Download and run SPECCY, copy and paste the first tab to show your idle temps
    Download and run MSI Afterburner, run some of the games that crash, what temps are you getting when underload?
    Open Computer, Can Air dust out the bunnies and use paint brush on the vents, coolers, fans, etc.
  2. The pixalated screen is there constant now and i can't even get past the boots menu.
    Going to try do this first. Maybe do a fresh install of windows then try the above.
  3. blazeftp said:
    Windows Vista Ultimate 64x

    Okay I over looked this and is a serious issue. First most things back when were only coded for x32 Vista, not x64, this was the rare odd OS. Second VISTA has not been supported for years, and was plainly stated my now EX-CEO of Microsoft Mr. Steve Balmer as the 'biggest mistake', so yeah this is a problem just in itself. Think of it this way, we are trying to fix a issue with the brakes and steering on a car with a shoddy / weak prone to cracking, breaking, warping axle and you want to resolve the braking and steering problem, but not the axle.

    I would start off with just getting Windows 7 SP1 x64 which is less of a shock then Windows 8, but 8.1 Update alleves alot of the issues and puts you back to the desktop mode then the 'Panel' mode. None of the drivers, etc. are compatible with a unsupported (Vista, XP, etc.) OS, and Vista coding is much different (broken) as compared to the supported OSes (Win7 SP1/8.1Update)
  4. I just installed windows 7 64x. Got all the latest updates then installed the New Nvidia display driver.
    Screen froze up again :(
  5. Well honestly, you did a clean build and poof it does it again, they would tell you well, Vista isn't supported what happens when you (as they do) use a supported Windows, it works for everyone else / them when using a supported Windows.
  6. Basically screwed then ?
  7. If your insisitve on staying (like those whom want to stay with XP) with Vista, yes. The answer is buy a copy of Win7/8, has some OEM Builders edition availabel ro just head to Walmart / bestBuy / etc. and graba copy off the shelf.
  8. I have windows 7 64x installed now
  9. i have same problem with my gpu. it is defected gpu, mine only work well for 3 years old and now every 2 minute got nvlddmkm error and blue screen. Tried anything but nothing work, my solution is change the gpu into AMD, it is more stable
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