Roccat Kave problems, sound card possible solution?

Hey guys!

I bought myself a Roccat Kave 5.1 headset the other day (Non XTD unfortunately, at over twice the price it was WAY out of my price range! =P) and after plugging it in and having a play with a few of the settings I have a few worries.

1. While the sound is better than my previous set of headphones (A £20 pair of Sennheiser's) for £60 I expected a little better. However this may be due to the below problem:

2. The bass on these 'phones is pretty poor, making everything sound a little 'tinny' as if there's too much treble.

The steps I have taken to fix these problems are as follows:

I have enabled 'bass management' from "Control Panel/Sound" (This greatly improved bass at high volumes, however music and such is unsustainable at such volumes as they are simply too high)

I downloaded the latest sound drivers for my motherboard from Asus's website (Realtek HD Audio Manager

I have set the 'phones to 5.1 from both the Realtek software and "Control Panel/Sound"

I checked that all leads for the 'phones were in their correct ports and properly fitted

Possible Solution?

I am aware that sound cards play an important role in achieving high sound quality, so perhaps its about time I invested in one? However I know pretty much zilch about sound cards as I have never had the need for one before so if you think a sound card is what I need could you please point me in the direction of a good quality sound card that will suit my needs without busting my bank? I am in a tight spot for money at the minute so anything over £30-£40 is going to have to wait a lil while. I cant really see why the absence of a sound card would be a huge issue as I have used earphones before now (Such as Sennheiser CX 400II's) that perform pretty darn excellently for both overall sound quality and powerful bass. However, I understand that these utilise both much smaller, stereo speakers so logic dictates they also require less 'umph'. Apologies if this is complete nonsense of course. =D

However, if you think a sound card is unnecessary but know of another possible solution please do let me know, I will try anything. Push come to shove I will have to send these 'phones back as what's the point in having a decent pair if you can't utilise them to their full potential? =P

My rig specs can be found by hovering over my avatar, and if you require additional info please don't hesitate to ask. Pretty desperate here guys!
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  1. Hi guys, a quick Google search gave a me a couple of interesting results, but the main thing I spotted was someone asking what soundcard would be best for the Roccat Kave 5.1. The general consensus seems to be that an Asus Xonar D1 would be the way to go. I would also assume (Again, correct me if im talking gibberish) that as both this card and my mobo are Asus made compatibility would be better?

    What are your thoughts? I can get one today for £45 from Overclockers which I am willing to pay?
  2. Come on guys, really need your help with this one!
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