Dimm slot not working possibly? Need help!

I was doing my first build yesterday and I got a z87 GD65 msi board. My problem is that the BIOS will only load on the monitor when I have my memory in slot 2. If I have any memory in slot 4 at the same time then nothing pops up on the screen. I checked the ram by putting both in slot 2 and they both work, so it can't be a ram problem? I was thinking that the Dimm slot might not be working, but when I was in the BIOS I placed a stick back into slot 4 and it recognized the stick was in the slot, just not the gigabytes that went with it (It told me that that slot was no longer empty).

Can anybody tell me what is wrong or give me any information?
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  1. Well it's probably a faulty motherboard.
  2. Eduello said:
    Well it's probably a faulty motherboard.

    That is what I was thinking but I was hoping it wasn't the case. I was pretty positive it was faulty until I saw that the BIOS recognized the slot as not empty when I put the second stick in. After I saw that I did not know what to think because I would think that if it was faulty that it would not even be able to recognize it?
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    Try to reset CMOS, that's all I've got. If it won't work, you'll need to replace the motherboard.
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