BIOS update - do I need this?


I have downloaded AXTU, Intel ME, VGA drivers and BIOS
AXTU - installed!
Intel ME - Won't install!
VGA drivers - Won't install!
BIOS - waiting!

I saw there is only one version of Intel ME for Windows 7 so that might wont install.

Second VGA drivers, when I try to install I got this error:

So dunno should I even install that drivers because I use GTX560 for VGA, will BIOS flash and work without those stuffs?

Im crossing from SB to IB, so...

EDIT: Or should I just download update 2.70 if that will support ivy bridge cpus?
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    Unless the system is having a problem, a BIOS update is almost never recommended. As for your graphics driver--are you sure you're installing the right version?
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