$900-975 gaming pc GPU,PSU, and MoBo help!

This will be my first computer build, so please understand newb questions. Also please answer all questions, as previously only a few questions were answered in a previous post.

I have most of the pc planned out. Here's what I'm confident about:

CPU: AMD FX 8320 $110
RAM: 8GB (2x4gb) $60
Case: Corsair obsidian 450d $110
HDD: 1TB WD Blue $55
SSD: 240GB PNY $85
No optical drive (I have a usb optical drive when I need it)
Monitor: Some Asus 24"ish 1080p monitor
Mouse & Keyboard: Basic Logitech $20ish
Windows 7 Home Premium: $85

What I don't have planned out is the GPU, PSU, and MoBo.

The 2/3 GPUs I'm looking at are:
Nvidia: GTX 760 $250
AMD: r9 270(x) $190/200

PSU: Minimum I'd need is a 500W, but maybe a 600W just in case? Also I'm scared of not having enough power connectors for everything, so would modular be a good thing to have?

Mobo: I'm pretty clueless on this part. I know I need an AM3+ motherboard, and I'm pretty sure ASUS would be what I want to go for.

So here's what I'm thinking about the GPU. I'd like to have better performance (Nvidia), but its pushing the budget a little. The AMD is cheaper, but its slightly less powerful (around 10%). Also if I were to go with the AMD chip, I can't decide if I want the x or not. I can get the clocks of the x on the non-x card via overclocking, but I did notice something. The x card has a lot more power connectors, so to my understanding that would give me further OCing headroom. Is this true?

I would like to be able to OC the GPU a fair bit, and possibly the CPU if I finally figure out what I'm doing.

EDIT: Also a lot of games I play seem to be optimized for nVidia, so what would the performance difference be?

EDIT: It seems that the extra 6-pin connector is for cross-fire? Does that mean the the non-x will have close to the same over clocking possibilities?
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    760 is marginally better than a 270 and 270X in some games. 550W is enough. Go for XFX, Antec, Seasonic and Corsair( not CX or CS series) Modular power supply depends on your budget. But it is nice to have but not necessary
    The extra power connectors is just to allow more power for the card to run and overclock better. The extra 6 pin is that extra power connector not a crossfire. R9 270 can overclock to the R9 270X but that is down to the lottery as well.
    For motherboards:
    Or a 990FX motherboard.
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